Phoenix preparing for 2016 season and beyond

With interest and participation in American Football growing across the United Kingdom, the Tamworth Phoenix are taking steps to develop opportunities to experience and participate in the sport. Preparations for the upcoming season have already seen a number of exciting developments for the programme.

It’s hands in for a breakdown at the end of a youth/junior taster session.

With help from Tamworth Borough Council in the form of a funding grant, the Phoenix welcomed youth/junior and adult participants to three taster sessions in Tamworth across November and into December. Those attending got to sample the diverse aspects of the sport, testing out positions that they might like to play in the U17, U19 and adult teams that will be on offer for the 2016 season.

Pupils of Tamworth Enterprise College have also had American Football linked into their PE curriculum as part of the newly established Tamworth Phoenix schools programme. Working with teachers to introduce the the sport in lessons and take steps towards developing a network amongst local schools, Phoenix players have seized the opportunity to give the younger participants an experience of what their sport is all about.

Tamworth Enterprise College teacher James Gardner spoke about the students experiencing American Football: “They’re all engaged, they’re all focused because they’re all at the same starting point and it ticks a lot of boxes in terms of strategy, outwitting opponents, attacking and defending principles. I think American Football creates a good opportunity and a platform for them to focus on the right mindset.”

With growing opportunity to experience American Football with the Tamworth Phoenix and watch America’s National Football League both on television screens and in UK International Series matches, the Phoenix are keen to welcome all who want to try out playing the sport. As the Phoenix’s U17, adult and newly re-established U19 teams build towards their 2016 British National League seasons, there will be more opportunities to join a programme aspiring to rise to the highest standards of the sport in the UK.

“These last three sessions have been really good and it’s all looking really exciting. But, it’s always great to welcome new faces to the teams and we’re looking forward to again giving local young people the opportunity to both play American Football as an under-19 team and experience the values of our sport and Phoenix family.” Said Tamworth Phoenix chairman James Hossack.

With the British American Football season due to start around Easter, the Phoenix will be ready to recommence preseason preparations after a festive break. For more information and to enquire about opportunities to experience American Football in your local area, all are welcomed to get in touch via or by searching ‘Tamworth Phoenix’ on social media.

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