New Youth Head Coach Announced

The Phoenix is pleased to announce the appointment of Mike Fearn to the position of U17 head coach. After former head coach Andy Garratt stepped down at the end of 2015 the Phoenix committee knew there were big shoes to fill.
With six years of coaching under his belt and 3 years with the U17 Phoenix coach Fearn has been with former HC coach Garratt from the start. Originally taking on the role of QB coach, Fearn quickly rose through the ranks to become the U17 OC.

Coach Fearn

Coach Fearn hard at work with the U17’s.

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Phoenix AGM & 2016 Committee Annoucements

This week the Phoenix held its Annual General Meeting and is pleased to announce not only the 2016 committee, but some exciting changes for the management of the club moving forward.
After a hugely successful year on and off the field, the committee had plenty of good news and ideas to report to its members, the main item being a change to the clubs constitution and how its committee is structured.
With plans to make the club one of the most recognisable brands in UK American football and improve its on-field success across the programme the committee believed it was time to adapt and diversify how the backroom works.

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