Companies welcomed to join the #R1SE

The Tamworth Phoenix are inviting companies to join the #R1SE as part of a constructive sponsorship initiative, supporting the community American Football program’s pursuit of higher standards on the field and in benefitting local communities.

Click here for more details regarding each type of partnership opportunity and to access the official Phoenix company sponsorship form, or visit

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Phoenix program’s on-field development sees two added to U19 coaching staff

With a revamped constitution already benefitting the ongoing off-field development of the Tamworth Phoenix program, the innovative structure is now also seeing benefit in supporting on-field development.

After playing key roles in leading Phoenix teams to success on the field in 2015, coaches David Lockwood and Jonny Flowers are stepping up to take roles with the recently reestablished Phoenix under-19 Junior team.


The Phoenix reconstitution was announced in October. Click this image to check out the previous news announcement.

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